Thursday, 27 August 2009

Sway - Millia Pink And Green EP

I'm pretty rubbish with gossip. If somebody's just got married, you can guarantee I'll find out about it mid-way through their anniversary celebrations. Indeed, I recently found out one of my oldest friends was going to become a dad when his Facebook profile picture depicted him cautiously clutching a young child.

But then, good new can be elusive. And not least when it comes to music.

I first discovered Sway, a Californian four piece, (if I've correctly counted the number of band members on their MySpace site) about 12 months ago, some 5 years after the release of The Millia Pink And Green, an EP which is responsible for several large thumb-prints on the music screen of my iPhone.

With more fuzz than a teenager's top lip, Sway are something for the shoegaze purists. Epic, enchanting and at times, achingly brilliant, 'The Millia Pink And Green' is fast becoming one of my favourire records of this year (and 2003, of course).

Here's 'Fall', the lead track from the EP, and an absolute gem.

Like it? Then spunk your hard earned cash on the full EP, available from these reputable multinationals. Amazon - iTunes. I did.


  1. Hi. I love the song "Fall". I am new to Shoegaze music. I've been looking for songs as good as this one. I haven't been lucky yet. Apart from this I love "Dream About me by Depreciation guild". I hope you can help me with some suggestions of songs that are as good as these two. Thanks, Gokul