Sunday, 24 April 2011

Moonbeams - Radio San Francisco

Radio San Francisco is the new 5-track mini-album from Californian psych-gaze stalwarts, Moonbeams.

A garage band in the purest sense, Moonbeams' music is entirely home recorded - and all the more remarkable for it. It's confidently produced; providing a brooding backdrop for some delicate songwriting.

Through a haze of simmering, intertwoven guitars, Radio San Francsisco is a intense exploration of distortion - melding space-rock with drone to thrilling effect. In many ways, Moonbeams are reminiscent of early Flying Saucer Attack - producing assured, yet raw DIY psych. From the driven dirge of Girl Upstairs to the hollow beauty of Want Me, these are lunar-guided melodies with added fizz and crackle.

With their debut long-player, The Daisy Chain, due for release on June 17th, Moonbeams are a hugely exciting prospect. Catch them on tour in California, this August.

For more information on Moonbeams visit Hop Skip Jump Records, their Facebook fan site, or download tracks from their outstanding back catalogue, direct from their Bandcamp page.


  1. holy crap. these guys sound fantastic. i can't wait to see them on tour!