Monday, 5 March 2012

Naked On My Own - Charged (Dopedrone Remix)

Naked On My Own is the solo project of Jarek Leskiewicz, a multi-instrumentalist and producer from Opole, Poland. Leskiewicz is in the midst of writing and recording material for a Naked On My Own album, but took time out to chat with Nugazer about his intriguing collaboration with fellow producer Dopedrone for a forthcoming EP.

So what brought about the collaboration? "Naked On My Own is a brainchild of mine" states Leskiewicz. "It's usually me on all fronts, but I'm trying to invite friends and musicians I admire to collaborate on tracks as much as I - and they - can."

It's this willingness to collude that led to a meeting of minds, influences and ideologies as two hugely promising songwriters took turns at remixing each other's work. "My influences come from very different places. Indie guitar rock, ambient drone, slowcore... even some prog-rock and pop. Martin (Dopedrone) brings some Ulrich Schnauss & Slowdive melodic gazyness in to the mix... I'm a fan too of course."

The end result is an absorbing journey into the darker reaches of shoegaze and drone. Charged, is a brooding, seven-minute exploration of industrial psychedelia, whilst Tunnel litters the swell of post-rock with samples and pulsing bass-loops.

Indeed, with Leskiewicz, you sense the passion for post-production and studio trickery is as strong as his zest for playing. For every band he reveres ("Cocteau Twins, Swervedriver, Psychedelic Furs") there's a technician to match ("Ivo Watts-Russell, Alan Moulder, Steve Lillywhite"). "I always cared about musicians but also the people 'behind the curtain' like producers and sound engineers... I'm a big fan of soundtracks and creating vivid, layered musical landscapes within a song structure."

Something evidently accomplished on our featured track, below.

To hear more from Naked On My Own. Visit their page at ReverbNation or join them on Facebook.

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