Monday, 19 March 2012

Soul Glimpse - A Gasping Rose (My Breath)

Recollections Become Phantoms is the debut album from Soul Glimpse. Darkly ambient and fiercely introspective, the album is, according to its creator Austyn Sullivan "a glimpse into the human soul... an attempt to understand what lies within us all".

Using densely layered electronica, Sullivan aims to replicate "the overwhelming feelings that hurtful past experiences can create". And if all that sounds a bit intense, it's because, well, it is...

Deeply moving and intricately woven, Recollections Become Phantoms contains 14 tracks of heartbreaking beauty. From the elegant synergy of Enduring to the raw urgency of The Mirthless Grip of the Past, this is a complex work - as unsettling as it is absorbing.

But whilst it's easy to focus on themes of darkness and melancholy, nothing should detract from the fact that this is a singularly bewitching record. There's a subtlety and warmth to Fade & Breathe and a delicate disclosure of positivity in Revival. Sullivan's own quilted vocals (stunning on Desolation Melody) swoon in and out, creating an otherworldly ambience that conjures comparisons with Active Child's Pat Grossi.

Recollections Become Phantoms is a remarkable debut; assured, inventive and one of our favourite albums of the year - thus far. Nugazer's featured track is A Gasping Rose (My Breath); a brooding lamentation set to a backdrop of effervescent sonics and pulsing drum loops. You can buy this, together with the full album, on a 'name your price' download at Soul Glimpse's Bandcamp page.

A Gasping Rose (My Breath) from Soul Glimpse on Vimeo.

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