Saturday, 28 April 2012

Moonbell - Parallel EP

Moonbell are fast becoming one of the most exciting acts of 2012. Hailing from the psychedelic hotbed of San Francisco, the Californian three-piece follow last year's acclaimed debut EP, Figurine, with Parallel, another devastating cut of layer-rich drone pop.

Released collaboratively through Deep Space (CD) and Loglady (vinyl), Parallel opens with its immersive title track; an infectious chant laid over deep-rolling bass lines and minimalist drum loops. With such a keen focus on the rhythm section, it's easy to see why Moonbell have drawn comparisons with 90s shoegaze architects, Ride.

Elsewhere, Still Motion sees guest vocalist, Stacia Benevento, take over for a sumptuous slice of dream pop, whilst Nothing Less fires dark synth through waves of chattering reverb. It's markedly atmospheric and deeply engaging.

Parallel's closing couplet sees more synth-driven space rock in the form of Just Like Waking Up, and the up-tempo Nether Days - built around percussionist, David Paslay's breathless, explorative drum hook.

Though active since 2010, Moonbell were little known beyond their native San Francisco until the release of Figurine. In Parallel they have a release that consolidates a now fast-growing international reputation. Check them out at their home on Bandcamp.

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