Monday, 12 August 2013

Driftwood Drones - Magnolia Manor

Formed in the early part of 2009, Sydney's Driftwood Drones produced just one six-track EP; 2012's mesmerising Magnolia Manor.

Drawing on the band's love of swirling 60s psychedelia and fuzzy-edged garage rock, Magnolia Manor stands out as one the best shoegaze EPs of recent years.

From the raw scuzz of Kyoti (Think Tamaryn meets The Clams) to the echo sprawl of opening track Flying Colours, it's an EP rich in both songcraft and atmospherics.

Whilst the band now seem content to pursue other musical avenues (most notably guitarist/vocalist Matt Wilkinson's hugely promising Day Ravies project) Nugazer felt it was worth reflecting on a genuinely great record. A slow burner, whose embers continue to glow.

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