Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Drowner - You're Beautiful, I Forgive You

August 13th sees the release of You're Beautiful, I Forgive You, the long-awaited debut album from Nugazer favourites, Drowner.

Following on from 2012's self-titled EP (a record that saw some serious love on these pages) You're Beautiful... sees the band return to familiar territory with twelve tracks of effortless dream pop decadence.

Recognisable, yet unique, Drowner's sound merges the hazy spin of Cocteau Twins bliss pop (Glow) with the pedal-heavy punch of classic-era Cure (On Bright Days).

It's a breathless mix, rarely more evidenced than in stand-out track Stay With Me (featured below) and the delicate brooding of Not There. Songs that draw heavily on the album's themes of loss and forgiveness.

Elsewhere, the atmospheric charge of Mirror shimmers in the wake of Anna Bouchard's transcendent vocals, whilst the breakbreak melancholy of You is peppered with waspish guitars and reverberating piano stabs.

You're Beautiful I Forgive You is a fine record and an impressive debut. Released through Saint Marie Records, the album is available to stream or download from Saint Marie's Bandcamp page.

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