Thursday, 5 September 2013

Shortwave Broadcaster - Everything You Do Is Deja-Vu

Keith Canisius, perhaps best known for his work with Rumskib, is back with a new alter ego and a new release under the banner of Shortwave Broadcaster.

Splicing multi-layered electronica with rich ambient textures, Everything You Do Is Deja-Vu takes the experimental attitudes of the Berlin School pioneers and melds them with contemporary production techniques to produce a sound as abstract as it is absorbing.

Opening track Eternal Waves sees swathes of synth jostle for place on a deep ambient bedrock, whilst the dark symphony of Europa draws heavily on the influence of William Basinksi; cited by Canisius as an inspiration to the project.

Closing couplet, Recognition and Everything You Do... forge a complex myriad of samples and loops - the former a forgotten memory played out on a strummed guitar, the latter a cut and paste patchwork of delicate drone.

Everything You Do Is Deja-Vu is digitally released by Saint Marie Records on 10th September.

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