Monday, 28 October 2013

Appendixes - Neon Green Fear

Neon Green Fear is the new single from Portland's Appendixes. Released on 7" and available as a digital download through the group's Bandcamp page, Neon Green Fear weaves hushed dream pop through unfussy percussion to create an intimate, almost festive slice of lo-fi psychedelia.

Backed by the brooding reverb of slowcore b-side Four Leaf Clover, Appendixes have delivered a compelling couplet that bodes well for a band with just one previous release; 2012's four-track EP, False Color.

The band are touring the US throughout October and November and there's still time to catch them at venues in Oregon, Washington and California.


  1. the two new tracks are really good and so is the 2012 EP!

  2. Great aren't they? Hugely atmospheric. Good to hear from you again Dan!