Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Venera 4 - Haunted Summer

Venera 4 is a Parisian quartet with a penchant for sprawling space rock and incendiary shoegaze. Whilst their discography is still very much in its infancy (just two EPs have been released to date), there's already plenty of evidence to suggest something special could be around the corner.

Debut EP Seabed Terror combined a fiery mix of post-punk power chords (Bora-Bora) with hazy nugaze (Sun); whilst 2013 follow up Deaf Hearts delivered big, FX-laden riffs (Home) and wall-of-sound psychedelia (Ash & Grey).

And it's amongst these fire and brimstone freak-outs that we find arguably the band's most notable score. Spanning close to nine minutes, Haunted Summer is an epic journey through soaring psychedelic drone. Hushed vocals enjoy explorative interplay with galactic guitar licks to forge an arrangement of genuine craft - and one of the finest tracks of 2013.

You can stream Haunted Summer, below, or visit Venera 4's Bandcamp page to download music directly.

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