Saturday, 2 November 2013

Modern Charms - Modern Charms

San Francisco's Modern Charms debut release is a sparkling 6-track EP, bristling with style, energy and no little craft. Fusing polished shoegaze (Someday) with notable references to Brit-pop (Epsilon) and 90s indie (Silver Lanterns), the California three-piece make edgy but accessible sunshine guitar pop.

Central to Modern Charms' appeal are the delicate vocals of singer Inna Kurikova, whose candy-coated melodies soar above the guitar-fueled distortion of band-mates Mark Palm and Blaine Patrick.

It's a heady mix and a vibrant formula, best evidenced by the reverb-jangle of Falling Sun or the spellbinding opener When We Get There - featured below.

Modern Charms' eponymous EP is available to download digitally through the group's Bandcamp page. Alternatively, if the rush of 90s guitar pop has left you feeling especially nostalgic, you can even buy it on cassette.

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