Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Ummagma - Rotation

Over the course of the past year, Ummagma has derived a reputation as one of the more eclectic and adventurous members of the shoegaze family.

A brace of digital releases (2012's Antigravity and Ummagma) pinpoint a passion for dream-pop - but a firm reluctance to sit shackled by formula. Combining vibrant guitar noise with deft electronica, the Ukraine-based duo has picked up a loyal online following and now looked poised for even greater things in 2014 with a series of releases on German label, Emerald & Doreen.

As a precursor to that, Emerald & Doreen are releasing a double A-side single championing two of Ummagma's finest moments to date - Rotation and Live & Let Die.

Available from December 9th, Rotation fires waves of dark synth over a breakbeat pulse, whilst Live & Let Die explores the DIY discord of skewed shoegaze. To complete the package there's even a video - and a treat it is too; check it out, below.

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