Monday, 27 January 2014

Lykanthea x Savage Sister - Sundrowned

As a classically trained vocalist in the (traditional Indian) style of Carnatic music, there was always going to be something of the exotic in the songcraft of Lykanthea. But as a recent collaboration with fellow Chicago dream poppers, Savage Sister, shows - in this case, the exotic stretches to the otherwordly.

Spread across four tracks, new EP Sundrowned is a melting pot of rich atmospherics and delicate electronica, showcasing the instrumental alchemy of co-writer Michael Tenzer.

Launched amidst a backdrop of cavernous synths, opening track Glass Orchids displays both the fragility and the beauty of Lykanthea's immersive call, before stand-out track Naked brings heart-stopping warmth and a moment of genuine ambient indulgence.

The tempo is raised briefly as Orphan Child offers fractured memories of Cocteau Twins elegance, before closing track Diving nestles lush keyboards amongst fluttering percussion for a final reminder of the artistry at work.

Sundrowned is available digitally as a name-your-price download through Lykanthea's Bandcamp page.

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