Monday, 24 March 2014

Voluptuous Panic - Fall Away

Voluptuous Panic are rapidly carving a reputation as one of the most stylish guitar bands to emerge on the shoegaze scene. Now, with a clutch of demos already posted to their Soundcloud page, the trans-Atlantic two-piece have unveiled an exquisite brace of tracks through Bandcamp.

Topping the bill is Fall Away, a gilt-edged slice of dream pop that conjures comparisons with Souvlaki-era Slowdive and the ambient works of Robin Guthrie. Set amidst a perfect storm of washed out guitars, the swooning vocals of Gretchen DeVault add elegance and fragility through a soul-searching refrain of "What can I do?..."

Fall Away is backed up by Between The Stars, a piano-led exploration of interplanetary love, coupling DeVault's own vocals with the baritone brood of  key collaborator Brian J Bowe. It's a genuinely affecting record, and is complemented beautifully by the lush string arrangements of producer, Alexx Kretov.

Fall Away is available to purchase digitally through Bandcamp, whilst you can learn more about Voluptuous Panic from the band's official website.

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