Friday, 11 July 2014

Outward - Note Passers

Kentucky's Corey Philpot is an emerging talent whose genre-juggling soundscapes are causing ripples on both sides of the Atlantic. Recording under the pseudonym of Outward, Philpot has already produced one self-titled EP (2013's The King's Ascension) and is attracting significant label interest as he puts the finishing touches to a first full-length album, Reverie Remedy; scheduled for release later in the year.

A solo artist in the truest sense of the word, all Outward recordings to date have been mixed, mastered and produced single-handedly. Arguably, it's this lack of outside interference which has allowed Philpot's creativity to flourish as he segues elements of synth-pop with darkwave, shoegaze and warped electronica.

A sample track, Note Passers, is featured below; meanwhile you can learn more about Outward by visiting the official artist website, or Bandcamp to sample that debut EP in full.

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